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The 5 best tools to build UTM links

There are a lot of options when building UTM links. Here's a breakdown of the 5 best tools for your business.

Posted On May 18, 2022

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Let's get right into it. There's a lot of tools - both free and paid - to build UTM links. These links are essential to tracking your marketing performance with 100% accuracy. So which one do you choose? Here is our list of 5 - see pros and cons along with the target audience below!

  1. Tomly.io
  2. Google URL Builder
  3. Campaign Trackly
  4. Rebrandly‍
  5. Bitly

Here is the list in greater detail:

1. Tomly.io

I hope it comes to no surprise that we mentioned ourselves first. Here's why...


  • Effortless UTM Link Creation: Streamline the process with a user-friendly interface.
  • Branded Shortlinks: Boost trust and brand recognition with customized shortlinks.
  • Bulk Link Generation: Save time by creating multiple links simultaneously.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Gain valuable insights into demographics, campaigns, and devices.
  • Best-Practice Presets: Follow industry best practices with included presets.


  • No free tier (14-day free trial available)

Tomly.io is best for:

  • small to medium growth agencies managing revenue-oriented campaigns for clients
  • solo marketers or entrepreneurs looking to manage conversions on multiple off-site channels
  • people looking for a simple, no-nonsense tool to manage their UTM links

2. Google URL Builder

This has been around for years and has largely remained untouched by Google. But hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?


  • create UTM links for a website or app (Google Play and iOS) That's it, very simple tool.


  • unable to store the links - must copy and paste in a separate environment like a spreadsheet
  • No advice on best practices
  • can't create a shortlink version - must use a separate tool for that

Google URL Builder is best for:

  • marketers and businesses beginning to track conversions but generating little to no revenue
  • people who love managing UTM links in spreadsheets

3. CampaignTrackly

CampaignTrackly takes a big preset approach to their application. They have a large library of presets that cover pretty much anything you would ever track in marketing.


  • big library of presets and templates
  • built-in reporting
  • bulk import tags


  • cannot create shortlinks
  • outdated interface

CampaignTrackly is best for:

  • large or enterprise marketing teams managing many channels and campaigns at one time
  • people who love managing UTM links in spreadsheets

4. Rebrandly

Rebrandly's main thing is branded shortlinks. This is really important for companies that want to keep their links short and clean while keeping their brand front and center.


  • Deep linking and links with emojis
  • Link analytics
  • Dedicated account and engineer support
  • 100+ integrations with other tools
  • Provides enterprise-level features

Honestly, Rebrandly has A LOT of features. This can be a pro or con depending on the solution you're looking for.


  • Additional team setup is required as opposed to fully self-service
  • Un-intuitive user interface
  • If you set up a new domain through Rebrandly, you don't actually own it.
  • Charges for unused domains

Rebrandly is great for:

  • medium to large-sized brands managing many campaigns and want to keep their brand that the forefront

5. Bitly

Bitly is probably the most well-known name in link shortening. We have all seen the "bit . ly" links being used on the internet for years (whether we trusted them enough to click on them is another story...).


  • Bulk link tagging
  • Two-factor authentication starts at free tier
  • Integrations available
  • Link analytics
  • QR code creation
  • Provides enterprise-level features


  • Branded shortlinks are a paid feature
  • Link data and history is capped for every tier
  • Minimal customer support across all tiers
  • Unbranded, "bit . ly" links are not always trustworthy

Bitly is great for:

  • medium to large-sized brands managing many campaigns
  • Small marketing teams managing many campaigns on one domain at once
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